The new infants classroom

Our New Classroom (‘The Beehive’)
We are all delighted with our new classroom. The children are especially thrilled with their new, truly interactive, whiteboard, and Mrs Berry is very glad not to have to move the furniture several times a day to accommodate assemblies and school dinners.
We now have a real infant classroom which is warm, bright and comfortable, with accessible outdoor play, water play and creative areas, and small world and role play spaces as well as maths, writing, reading and computer stations all set up.
Of course there are teething problems, but more and more are getting sorted out each day. For example, when the computers were switched on we realised that they weren’t the original Infant computers and so they had the wrong programs on them! Soap and towel dispensers and toilet door handles are all being dealt with and safety fencing is being installed. Despite all this Mrs Berry said “It’s just heaven!”.