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Maths – ‘Lifelong confidence and ability using maths’



At Curbar Primary School, we strive towards shaping assured, happy and resilient mathematicians who relish the challenge of maths.  Maths is a key life skill and we aim that our children become enthusiastic, independent and creative mathematicians across the curriculum.  Our aim is for it to be taught as part of a rich and progressive curriculum, where we plan and sequence mathematical lessons carefully, to build upon previous learning, and secure new learning successfully.  Our maths planning is bespoke to the needs of the groups and individuals.  At Curbar, mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world.  We have designed a curriculum that balances the five key elements of coherence, representation and structure, variation, fluency and thinking mathematically.  This, along with the fluency objectives expected at the end of each year, clearly set out the knowledge and tools that pupils will gain at the end of each stage.  These tools include logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways.  Our wish, is for our pupils to use these tools and experiences long after they have left Curbar, to enable them to go further in their academic pursuits, and to use mathematics with confidence in their everyday lives.


Our mathematics curriculum encompasses the aims of the National Curriculum.


At Curbar, we promote pupils’ SMSC development through mathematics in the following ways:


– We facilitate moments of pleasure and wonder when a pupil solves a problem for the first time, or discovers a more elegant solution to that problem, or suddenly sees hidden connections.

– We help pupils to recognise how logical reasoning can be used to consider the consequences of particular decisions and choices; mathematics is used to give pupils the confidence to question, investigate, prove and explain. 

– We support and encourage pupils to work together productively on complex mathematical tasks: to recognise the power of collaboration when using collective talent and ability to solving problems.

– We help pupils to appreciate the contribution that mathematical excellence has made to the development of our society, and continues to make in our increasingly technical world.

– We support and encourage pupils to be resilient and know that effort and perseverance is a route to success and achievement in many aspects of maths.


Please see the long term plan for maths across the whole school.  


Whole School Maths plan



Please see the Milestones (progress steps) for maths below:


Maths Milestones 



Please click on the links below:


Curbar calculation policy – January 2021


Mathematics Policy – January 2021

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