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Welcome to our PTFA page.  We hope you find the following information useful. 

Curbar School Parents Family and Teachers Association (PTFA) – Committee Members 2022 – 2023

Chair  – Emma Collins: 

Deputy Chair – Lindsey Holden

Secretary: Jess Eley

Treasurer: Rowena Scott Campbell

Committee Member Roles – A Summary

It is important that committee roles are clearly defined and understood and I hope that the following summaries are of some help to those considering joining the committee.  Committee members meet once every half term for committee meetings as well as attending the Annual General Meeting. It is helpful but not essential that committee members attend every meeting.

The Chair: Very often it is the perceived work load of the chair which puts a lot of people off but the role of the chair is to lead the PTFA and run the committee and general meetings and not to take the lead on every single event that the PTFA runs. Key responsibilities are: Provide leadership for the committee; Set the agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda; Write the annual report; keep the newsletter editor up to date with PTFA news and events ; Sign cheques for the PTFA with one other committee member; Get to know committee members.

The Vice-Chair: The role of the Vice-Chair is to deputise for the Chair. This is a good role to get to know the workings of the PTFA, and perhaps to prepare for being the Chair in the future.

The Secretary: Is responsible for ensuring effective communication between committee members and between the association and the school. Key responsibilities are: Deal with correspondence; Take notes at meetings; Write up the minutes of meetings and distribute at meetings; Prepare agendas.

The Treasurer: Although all the committee members have equal responsibility for the control and management of funds the treasurer plays an important part in helping the committee to carry out these duties properly. Key responsibilities include: Maintain accurate and detailed financial records; Prepare and co-sign cheques as required; Present a financial report at each meeting or provide a written report for presentation; Provide and account for cash floats at events; Make approved payments and pay agreed expenses; Prepare annual reports.

You may think these responsibilities sound daunting but I assure you they are not, it is very straight forward and are a result of the PTFA being a registered charity. Thus we are required to have audited accounts and make returns to the Charities commission and have to have a committee with elected officers to perform specific roles with regular meetings and minute taking. After we have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s it’s all good fun and very rewarding.

After considering all of the above you may still decide that being an elected member on the committee is not for you, however please remember there are lots of ways that you can offer your help and support, and it does not have to be on a regular basis. Maybe you could consider taking on one of the volunteer positions, or arranging a one off fundraiser be it large or small. Events from a bun sale to a summer ball all add to the pot. Or maybe a contribution behind the scenes suits you better, for example, making fund applications on behalf of the PTFA. You may have an idea that you would like to run with, please do not hesitate to bring it to us.