The school has a dress code, which we encourage children to follow.  We believe apart from making our children look smart, it makes them feel part of the Curbar team.  Please see the list below for our recommendations.


Our uniform is available for purchase online at School trends and it can be delivered to your house or to school.  For further information, visit School Trends at


Please note that hoodies are for PE and Games only.


Trousers/shorts/socks Grey
Shirt Navy or White
Sweatshirt or jumper Jade Green
Shoes Black / Brown / Grey
Skirt/pinafore/trousers Grey
Shirt Navy or White
Summer dress Green and White check / stripes
Socks/tights Grey / White / Navy
Sweatshirt/cardigan Jade Green
Shoes Black / Brown / Grey

PE Kit for all children

T-shirt Jade Green or White
Shorts Black / Navy
Plimsolls Black (elasticated for infants)
Slipper bag Any colour
Hoodie (Blue)
As per PE kit in warmer weather
Track suits for colder weather Grey / Black / Navy