PTFA - General Information

PTFA – General Information

Welcome to our PTFA page.  We hope you find the following information useful. 


Curbar School Parents Family and Teachers Association (PTFA) – Committee Members 2016/17


Chair – Mel Flude

Vice Chair – Jen Callard

Secretary – Kevin Sargen

Treasurer – Becky Nicholson


Committee Member Roles –   A Summary

It is important that committee roles are clearly defined and understood and I hope that the following summaries are of some help to those considering joining the committee.  Committee members meet once every half term for committee meetings as well as attending the Annual General Meeting. It is helpful but not essential that committee members attend every meeting.


The Chair: Very often it is the perceived work load of the chair which puts a lot of people off but the role of the chair is to lead the PTFA and run the committee and general meetings and not to take the lead on every single event that the PTFA runs. Key responsibilities are: Provide leadership for the committee; Set the agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda; Write the annual report; keep the newsletter editor up to date with PTFA news and events ; Sign cheques for the PTFA with one other committee member; Get to know committee members.


The Vice-Chair: The role of the Vice-Chair is to deputise for the Chair. This is a good role to get to know the workings of the PTFA, and perhaps to prepare for being the Chair in the future.


The Secretary: Is responsible for ensuring effective communication between committee members and between the association and the school. Key responsibilities are: Deal with correspondence; Take notes at meetings; Write up the minutes of meetings and distribute at meetings; Prepare agendas.


The Treasurer: Although all the committee members have equal responsibility for the control and management of funds the treasurer plays an important part in helping the committee to carry out these duties properly. Key responsibilities include: Maintain accurate and detailed financial records; Prepare and co-sign cheques as required; Present a financial report at each meeting or provide a written report for presentation; Provide and account for cash floats at events; Make approved payments and pay agreed expenses; Prepare annual reports.


You may think these responsibilities sound daunting but I assure you they are not, it is very straight forward and are a result of the PTFA being a registered charity. Thus we are required to have audited accounts and make returns to the Charities commission and have to have a committee with elected officers to perform specific roles with regular meetings and minute taking. After we have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s it’s all good fun and very rewarding.


After considering all of the above you may still decide that being an elected member on the committee is not for you, however please remember there are lots of ways that you can offer your help and support, and it does not have to be on a regular basis. Maybe you could consider taking on one of the volunteer positions, or arranging a one off fundraiser be it large or small. Events from a bun sale to a summer ball all add to the pot. Or maybe a contribution behind the scenes suits you better, for example, making fund applications on behalf of the PTFA. You may have an idea that you would like to run with, please do not hesitate to bring it to us.




Curbar School Parents Family and Teachers Association – Volunteer Members 2016/17



Bags2school – Helen Walton

Cauliflower Cards – Charlotte Hanson

Curbar Commotion Fell Race – Luci Cooper and Lewis Lee

Fun Mats/Yellow Moon – Anita Dalley

Grant Applications – Jane Taylor

Newsletter Editor – Angie Cottle

Press Officer – Angie Cottle

Raffle – Amanda Mundy

Risk Assessments – Viv Sargen and Simon Beahan

Second Hand Books – Jane Taylor

Second Hand Uniform Sales – Jane Taylor

The Giving Machine – Ruth Willingham

Wreath Making – Sophie Fletcher and Katrina Locke

Clothes Swap Event – Alison Thorpe and Anna Ford



Curbar Primary School PTFA  

Chairs Report   AGM 18th November 2016



Please refer to Treasurers report for financial figures.


So what have we done in the last year? Well the year kicked off with our second Curbar Commotion fell race, and due to us doing the AGM later this year we’ve already done our third! The race appears to be gaining a good reputation and not just for our delicious treats at the end! It is an event that we would really like to continue annually. Luci Cooper and Lewis Lee have done a fantastic job organising this in the past and understandably would like to take more of a back seat next time. With this in mind Luci has sent a list of jobs that could be divided up to lighten the load, and I’ll be passing this round later. Please sign up if you can help out.


Our other major event this year was The Curbar Art Show which is a major undertaking but a huge fundraiser. We are indebited to Jane Taylor and Luci Cooper who worked tirelessly to make this happen. They were aided by an army of volunteers of parents, pupils and members of the community and Katrina Locke, who took over the running of the café which was particuarly succesful.Traditionally this is a bi-annual event so we wouldn’t be looking at pencilling this in the calendar until next year but at least that does give us time prepare ourselves!


The Art show and the Fell race are large scale events that not only raise the profile of the school but also mean that we are raising funds from the general public. Not just redistributing our own money. All that we need to donate is our time!


Other highlights have been some really enjoyable sociable evenings: A Wine tasting evening arranged by Kate Huddie and Andy Vout, hosted by Ali and Reuben Thorpe. Christmas wreath making with Sophie Fletcher and Katrina Locke and a Clothes swap night once again hosted by Alison Thorpe with help from Anna Ford. Our first kids Christmas disco proved popular and was made possible by the efforts of Helen Walton, Angie Cottle, Anna Ford, Leanne Bramley and Amanda Mundy. As always we finished the year by saying goodbye to our year 6s and welcoming the new reception children and parents at the end of term summer BBQ.


Finally in the backgound we also have a number of schemes building up funds like the Giving machine, Cauliflower cards, Bag2school, Mothers’ day flowers, Second hand uniform sales and another first this year a stunning calendar produced by Per Bullough.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who supports the PTFA in their own way be it running fundraising scheme or volunteering, contributing to and attending events. Every bit is much needed and appreciated.


So what have we done with the money raised?


Every year we make a contribution towards the pantomime, fund a trip from the Easter Bunny and provide each child with a School backpack and book bag.


We do try and ensure that the allocation of funds is evenly spread through the school. Requests for 5 minute learning boxes for class 1, contributions to trips to Young voices for Class 2 and Jodrell bank for class 3 were all approved. Additionally, following a successful grant application by parent Jane Taylor, we covered the labour costs involved in creating a school fruit and veg garden, as this could not be covered by the grant.


Plans for coming year


We have a number of confirmed events the Christmas wreath making, Kids Christmas disco and the fell race. Our main focus this year will be the raising of funds to improve provision for computing in school.


Finally it goes without saying if you have any ideas for events or fundraising schemes small or large that you would interested in setting up please come and talk to us.






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February 20 2018

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