School Vision

School Vision


Our School Vision


Those who have experienced our school community know that Curbar is a special place.  School leaders were clear that one of our priorities this year was to establish a clear ‘vision’ for the school that would encapsulate what makes our community extraordinary.  We began by seeking the views of everyone involved.

Children, parents, staff, governors, volunteers and the local community all had a chance to say what they valued most about being part of Curbar Primary School. All used their own words, which made for a lot of pieces of paper and ideas. These suggestions were collated into ‘word clouds’ from both parents and pupils.





Then came the challenge for staff and governors to refine it all into one clear message. Following much talk and debate, we arrived with a result that we are all thrilled with:


‘Happy learners forging our place in the world’


This is an aspirational message supported by everyone in school which we will all do our best to achieve. It should help us as we go forward, providing clarity and direction.


Happy – having fun, fulfilling potential, flourishing, being safe, cared for and nurtured


Learners – being enthused, engaged, motivated and inspired


Forging – not giving up when it is hard, recognising that effort and a positive attitude is the root to success


Our place – sharing responsibility for what happens, taking our place in the local and global community


World – having tolerance and respect for and an understanding of the world. Who knows where our children may end up!


Curbar School aims to work in partnership with parents, the community and the local authority.  We believe that school life should be enjoyable and learning should be fun and it is our aim that each child will be happy and motivated, will have positive feelings about themselves and their school and will look back with great fondness upon their time at Curbar.  In order to achieve this we will:

  • Provide an environment that will enable the children to increase their skills, knowledge and understanding through the experience of a range of curriculum disciplines.
  • Provide a variety of opportunities which will contribute to the development of a wide variety of skills: intellectual, physical and interpersonal.
  • Develop personal qualities that will enable the children to contribute to the community and to wider society. To engender respect and tolerance of others and create an environment supporting the concept of equality and opportunity for all.
  • If a child has special needs related to physical, sensory or learning difficulty the governors have developed a Special Educational Needs policy which complies with the 1993 Education Act. Parents are involved in securing appropriate help for their child.
  • Nurture confidence, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility in children in order to enable them ultimately to be active citizens.
  • Create an environment that will recognise and celebrate achievement by all children.
  • Develop in children inquisitive and enquiring minds that are open to learning and are resourceful and positive in the application of skills and knowledge.
  • Nurture a sense of spiritual, moral, social and cultural values to enable children to appreciate human achievements and make reasoned choices.
  • Provide an atmosphere conducive to developing achievement and success.
  • Expect all staff and volunteers to be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.


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Calver Bridge, Calver, Hope Valley.

Derbyshire, S323XA


T: 01433630266


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