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Curbar School has new way to fundraise – by shopping!


I had the great pleasure of donating £15.70 without giving a penny of my own money last month.  How?  By purchasing some radiators from B&Q.


Still confused?  Read on.


Normally, if you buy something online and have got onto that website from another, such as google, that website is paid a sales commission.


A website called TheGivingMachine has been set up by four fathers of a school in Hertfordshire to do the same thing, but with the twist that you can select a charity to pay the commission to.


So, I thought I would try it out.  An hour later (55 minutes of which was spent browsing through the exciting world of radiators) I ended up making my donation.


406 shops are currently on the system.  Big names include Amazon, Tesco, Argos, Wickes, John Lewis, Next, and M&S.  The commission generated is usually about 2 – 3%.  This could add up to some significant income if we all do it.


Please help!

1)     Go to

2)     Click on the ‘Givers Join’ icon

3)     Enter your details, including Curbar Primary School PTFA as the charity you would like as your beneficiary

4)     Mark The Giving Machine website as a favourite on your computer

5)     Go via this website the next time you do some on-line shopping


It will take 2/3 mins.


I’m certainly not urging you to spend your money, but if you must, especially with Christmas aproaching, best that the school gets a bit of positive spin off too!


Many thanks!