All children will be able to access their home learning via Google Classroom.  Google Classroom is a space where children can access their learning online. It is available through a laptop or Chromebook as well as a downloadable app on most tablets and smartphones.  Like any online platforms, your child will need support to access and learn how to use it.  However, it is fairly simple to use and we are sure the children, especially in key stage 2, will be able to use it independently. 


The government recommendation is for primary aged pupils to receive approximately 3 hours of quality learning each day. The government also expects families to engage with the learning fully.  We are confident that our offer is sufficient and will support pupil learning at home.  However, please do not hesitate to contact school if you require any kind of support. 


Below are instructions for how to log on and access work for your child.


Username & Passwords

Each child has a unique username and password to log on. Their username is made up of

  • A number (this is the year their cohort entered school)


  • their first name


  • the first initial of their last name




For example, for a child in year three called Jane Smith, this would be:    This looks like an email address but it is not activated for use.

If you need help with this, please contact the school office.


Google Classroom

If accessing through a Desktop PC, Mac or laptop, this can be done by clicking on this link  or typing it into the search bar on your browser.


If you are using a Chromebook, you will need to download the Google Classroom app from the Web Store.


Once done, sign in using your child’s school login. If you are using a Chromebook you may need to use your child’s username and password instead from the start up screen.

If you are using an iPad or other tablet or smartphone, please download the free Google Classroom app from the App Store.


1.    To sign in Your child should enter their username as detailed above. This needs to be the full username including the part. Click next.


2.    Enter the password on the next screen and click next. Please note your screen might look slightly different to the image here.


3.    Click on the title to enter the Classroom (the first time they log in they may need to click ‘accept’ to join the class).






This is where your child will see posts from their teachers. Posts may contain links to websites, classwork set by your child’s teacher or simple communications between all the members of the class. Posts are always monitored by your child’s teacher, as are any accompanying comments made by individuals, so we ask that children only use this feature if they are asking a question about their work or responding sensibly to a post.





This is where your child will access curriculum content set by the teacher. The classwork icon is the best way of accessing the content set rather than having to worry about searching on the Stream. Classwork will be added regularly (by 9am each day) and may have a due date for completion. Class teachers will also upload a daily summary for you to see the work expectations for that day.  Teachers will be able to see your child’s progress and support them where necessary and can add comments to the children’s work. However, the children will need to ‘turn in’ their work for marking.


If you prefer, you can print out a document to be completed by hand.  You can then take a picture/scan it and upload it onto the platform for marking and feedback by the teacher.  Routines are important to children and we recommend that the core subjects of maths and English are completed in the morning.  You don’t have to stick to this rigidly and we understand of course that managing working from home and supporting children with home learning is a difficult juggling act, but we think this is a useful guide to help you and your child manage their time. If your child is stuck with a piece of work, they can post a comment using the private message function at the right-hand side of the screen to message the teacher.  Please note that teachers are working in school with classes of children during the week so won’t be able to respond to messages every day.




Google Meet


This is the Google equivalent of ‘Zoom’ or ‘Microsoft Teams’.  All meetings will be set up through Google Meet inside your child’s Google Classroom. These meetings might be phonics, guided reading, maths, writing, topic or wellbeing sessions delivered by the class teacher. The sessions will run throughout the hours of the usual school day in groups.  The times for these will be staggered throughout the day, so different classes will not be expected to be online at the same time where possible.  



Please see complete instructions by clicking here:  Google Classroom instructions



Please also see further guide:   Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classrooom



Please click on further information about remote learning provision:  Providing remote education information to parents Curbar – Jan 21v2



Please see Pupil Remote Learning Policy by clicking here:   Pupil Remote Learning Policy – September 2020